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 Japanese Line

Unique Features
1.Our subsidiary TAICANG NARIKAWA CLOTHING NEATEN CO., LTD is the first grade quality inspection company, along with the assistance of OUR OWN CUSTOMS BROKER, we can offer one-stop service from China to Japan.
2.We have rich experiences of FCL business to provide the most suitable suggestions and plans for clients.
3.We can ensure the shipping spaces of FERRY form Shanghai to Japan, and also have high ability of customs clearance.
4.We will provide competitive prices to help the client to control the costs.
5. We offer consistent service and capable of dealing with emergency cases.
6. We handle and process cases fast and properly and also equipped with a system to give customer details of cargo if they required.

The advantage of FCL
1. FCL ocean freight sometimes will be cheaper than LCL.
2. If the delivery address is the same, the cargo can be gathered and use one truck to deliver in JAPAN.
3. How to share the cost will be decided by cubic meters.
4. FCL clearance will be greatly shorten the time of delivery than LCL, which can be an ideal option for urgent cargo.

The advantage of HDS
1. Compared with ordinary containers, the efficiency can be greatly improved, the delivery time is shortened with stability.
2. Our unique costs settings can help the customers to reduce their costs according to their requirements.
3. Ensure booking space, efforts to meet customer’s demands.
4. Due to our advantage of customs clearance, such concern as cargo closing time, can be coordinated and adjusted to the maximum extent.

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