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Operating Procedures:

1. International Professional Relocation (door to door service)
Domestic/Intracity: Relocation service within the city or within the whole country.
Import/Export: Packing, transportation, insurance, customs clearance, delivery, unpacking, relocation and installation of personal items.

2. Office Relocation:
Customized relocation solutions for corporate customers;
Partition and tagging for business items;
Disassembling of office furniture; Management of enterprise files;
Transportation delivery; Unpacking; New site relocation;
Disassembling /Installation of Special Items (computer equipment/office equipment, audio equipment, etc.)

3. File storage/Goods storage
Management of Enterprise Files: classification of storage/retrieval/extraction/transfer/destruction;
Transport, storage and delivery for both enterprise and personal goods;
Disassembling, packaging, short-distance transport and warehousing for enterprise large equipments;
Transport and warehousing for general trade goods.


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